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I've tried the default UI template on OS11 a bit, I like the predefined template. It is a big help for me (= a person with UI/UX sense-capability). Well yes, I need to modify the data sample but I got the great look instantly.

For all of applications that have been built on OS10 with Silk UI, we will need to migrate it to OS11. In term of template, AFAIK it is painful to change it manually. Tried it but not really completing all the required fixing and decided to stay with the current template instead. 

Can we have a template converter for Silk UI OS10 to OS11 UI? Please consider that a lot of Users will need to do the same thing to start experiencing the new look of OS11.



Created on 22 Nov 2018
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yes, good to have a wizard to migrate from OS10 to OS11

Find and Replace the web blocks within your application?

If the upgrade is hard, then the customer might choose not upgrade. So it is important to have good automated tools for this.