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Sometimes on a big aggregate, I try to find a specific filter in order to see how it is executed, but when pressing Ctrl + F at the Executed SQL window of an aggregate, Service Studio gives an error and doesn't highlight/find the filter I'm looking for, forcing me to open a text editor with that query in order to find the desired text.

Created on 22 Nov 2018
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Hey Matheus,

Thanks for submiting your idea.

What do you mean by "Service Studio gives an error"?

I'm also not sure if I got the idea. Can you please add some screenshots?


In case you press Ctrl + F with the "Executed SQL" opened, Service Studio crashes.

I would like to be able to find/highlight a term within the "Executed SQL" Window.

Hey Matheus,

That sounds like a bug but I'm not able to reproduce it.

Can you please send me your oml and your search keyword in a private message so that I can troubleshoot it?

Thanks for reporting this!

It doesn't happens to a specific OML, it happens in any circutence on versions 10 & 11 (we've test on multiple computers).

Just make sure that the search field isn't already visible, then open an executed sql, select something and press Ctrl + F.

Hi guys, 

I was able to reproduce it and fixed the crash issue. It will be released in a next version.

Regarding the idea, you would like to have your search term highlighted also in these read-only dialogs right? 

Thanks for the input.

Yes Nuno, exactly