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The idea is Outsystems create some bot that you can easily enable/disable on Service Center where this bot can learning on the input/output of some actions/web services/queries and automatically enable cache after some historical analysis about the applications behavior.

Maybe extend the cache property on Studio to has also some way to delegate the control to this bot.

Created on 23 Nov 2018
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I believe suggestions of actions to cache, on Lifetime or another tool, would be a good improvement.

But automatically enable cache? Then we also need a ML algorithm to invalidate cache :p

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors.

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Márcio Menezes

Hi Márcio

Thanks for you comments.

That is the challenge

I believe a ML algorithm could be more efficient than us to define cache elements by elements.

I don't have enough knowledge about Outsystems core, but I guess the invalidation is the less difficult. We already have invalidate cache API where you can invalidate the cache of a module or a tenant, than you can create some mechanism to handle it.

Maybe the another approach could be, if you really need to use cache on a web service/query/action, you can choose to give the decision for this IA bot. Maybe the cache timeout could be managed better, for example, the bot could map some behavior where the cache timeout during the morning is better for 5 minutes, during the night, 10 minutes, etc.

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Tiago Vital

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