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I don't really know if this idea has been posted before, I searched for it but didn't find anything similar.

When you have two different structures in a list and you try to run ListAppendAll of the first one to the second, Outsystems makes a mapping selection that cannot include a mapping of list record attributes. So in case the structure has one or more list records as an attribute it makes necessary to include a foreach process after it to make a new listappendall to each record that has been appended on the previous operation. The situation is even worse if you have more list records as attributes of these structures.

It would be a lot easier if the service studio gave the possibility to map list records attributes as well, by recognizing if the two lists has the same kind of structures attributes or by doing a second level mapping.

 Thank you.

Created on 25 Nov 2018
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Hey Allan,

How is the current experience different from mapping the attributes one by one? It not only allows you to do that but also lets you write more complex expressions.


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Hey Vasco. Here's the situation:

My module has a private Structure that has another one as an attribute.

I gotta create an action that returns a record list from this private structure. To do it I'd need to clone this structure to a public one and probably append all the items from the Private Structure List to the Identical Public Structure List. So here's what I get:

The private Structure "StructureTest" has the attribute "Attr2" that is a record from "StructureTest_Attr2".

The clone made has the name of "StructureTestV2" and I had to clone the "Attr2" structure to a public one as well.

With this Attr2 included, it is not possible to append the original structure list to its clone as you can see in the second picture:

So the Idea is basically to consider if is possible to map record attributes from the structure mapped (or check if it has the exactly same kind of data).

What you are suggesting is nested mappings? You are already using Mappings but you would like to use it again for the attribute, right?


Exactly. It would be like a second mapping level.

I would really like to request to re-open this Idea. It would be really helpful to have it, and be in line with the new P11 possibility to create these kind of lists-in-lists on the fly.

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Not right now

The idea was out of scope until we get more information and I forgot to review it.

It indeed makes sense to be able to declaretively fill all this information inline.

This requires a significant investment (and changes to our model) and we don't have short-plans to do it. Nevertheless, it definitely makes sense and we will keep the idea to re-consider in the future.

Thanks a lot for your contribution!