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Hi all,

When you are project face that you develop look and feel your application and part of the is styling things with CSS.  

Using 1-Click Publish is enough still too slow when you want to see your changes on action fast. If you are not able to see that fast, then it disturbs your concentration. 

It would be nice if the OS would provide short cut CSS deployments for Web Designer's to update CSS on OS server directly from Service Studio without 1. Click deployment.

Created on 26 Nov 2018
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It would indeed be nice if OutSystems can create something for this. Same for JavaScript development.

A work-around I often use is saving the files to local disk and then use the auto-responder feature of Fiddler to return my local version of the file to the browser. That way you can developer script and css quickly without the need of publising often.

It does mean you work outside of Service Studio of course.

I like to create JavaScript else where as that has logic. I have JavaScript project that created with nodejs / npm / gulp / mocha / browserfy to develop my JavaScript logic. I just created another idea so the integrations would be easier. At JS is also important to test the logic if it get's complex.