Help to leave the elements equidistant, see the gif.

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Have you ever had trouble analyzing a bad indented code?

I feel the same when the elements are not equidistant.

Service Studio has invested in improving the organization of the code, but still find it difficult to keep the elements equidistant.

See the gif.

 Rules Idea.gif
Created on 26 Nov 2018
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Keep visual organization.


Is right-clicking and aligning them vertically/horizontally not good enough?

I still wish a PROPER auto arrange had been implemented. :(


Justin, can you define a "PROPER auto arrange" in OutSystems, in your opinion?

--Tiago Bernardo

Huarlem Lima, very good explanation by using a GIF. In this case, an animation is worth a thousand words!

I would just add that the developer could also do this by selecting multiple elements and not just one element.

--Tiago Bernardo

I like the idea of expressing distance between positions with numbers. If this was extended to cover whole grid/canvas area, communicating with (remote) fellow developers would be much is easier when you can use matrix positions to pinpoint actions.

"Move action at 12-5 to 15-8 and while at it, please align action at 9-2 three steps down."

Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

Out of the scope

Hey Huarlem,

As stated before, you can already select multiple elements and distribute them vertically or horizontally (similar to what you have in other programs like Powerpoint, google presentations, etc...).

Because of this, we don't have plans to further work on this.


I always align my elements in a specific grid of 5x6, currently I have to count the dots. Would've been nice if this suggestion was built...