Create Timer from Server Action (right click Server Action -> 'Create Timer')

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Often times when I'm creating a custom bootstrap timer, I have to:

  1. Create the Server Action
  2. Create the Timer (most often, it has the exact same name as the Server Action)
  3. Schedule the Timer: 'When Published'

I would love to:

  1. Right click my 'Bootstrap...' server action
  2. Click 'Create Timer', or something like that
  3. Then I could click 'Publish' right away. 


  1. Simply drag my Server Action to the 'Processes' tab (next to 'Interface'), and it would just create a timer for me with the magical stars flashing by :)

Side idea: Usually, these types of server actions are named "Bootstrap...", so you could make the context menu based on the name of the server action.

Created on 26 Nov 2018
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Hey Nicholaas,

Thanks a lot for your idea!

Although sometimes this would be a good accelerator it is not a common operation and it would create visual noise every time someone right clicks on an action to use more common operations such as copy, paste, add inputs/outputs/variables, etc...

Because of this, we don't have plans to implement this.

Keep the ideas coming!