Don't propagate App identifier betwenn enviroments and permit different application names between environments


I keep a different app identifier for my dev, quality and production environment by this way I can have installed in my smartphone both versions.  The problem is when I publish a solution from dev environment to quality per example, the platform replaces the app identifier. I think that app identifier needs to have the same comportment of site properties and won't be replaced when I publish a solution from other environment or propagate a new version using lifetime.

Because if you forgot to change the name again you will have a big problem with google per example because the app identifier is key for Google and Apple.

A second idea here is to be able to define not only a different app identifier per environment but also the name of the application, this way it will be easier to understand what is dev, what is quality and what is production. 

Created on 28 Nov 2018
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