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Sometimes I just want to check a specific value on my query and If I am testing my simple query and it happens to have at least 5-6 entities with 9 columns each it I have at least 45 to 54 attributes. Although we have the table name to help I don't think that it is enough, even more when we have some attributes collapsed

In order to improve this, we could do it in two simple ways :

1st - Add one dropdown to filter per Entity (this filter is visual only, not one query filter )

2nd - Apply colors to be easier to find the entity/attribute.

 Everytime you add one entity to the aggregate you can choose a color for it ( changing this color would not automatically apply according to the new change's on the aggregate. You would have to press the "refresh now" as we usually do to check changes) or if you don't,  apply's the default one.

Created on 28 Nov 2018
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Hi Romero,

I like your idea, as I feel that pain quite often.

A 3rd and simpler option could be just having a search box to type the entity attribute we're looking for. This option could also allow the use of wildcards to search for those attributes, such as the asterisk.


Hi Ricardo,

I like your suggestion as well ! This idea is very generic since it can be done in many ways. I just feel the need to have some visual filters for the aggregate.

Maybe the title should be changed to "Aggregates improvement - Visual Filters" (if any moderator see's this please change in order to be more specific).

I agree, this idea is very useful. Some times i need something to don´t lose 

I agree that finding an attribute in such a scenario is a big pain. There's definitely work to be done there. I don't have a suggestion, but I bet guys at R&D are able to come up with a great solution if we give the feedback of how real the pain is :)

Pedro I agree that R&D can provide us with this new feature in many ways, so feedback on this one is highly appreciated from all of us  !

That is a very goog idea. 

This feature is needed for yesterday guys.. It is impossible to work with more than 5 entities in the same aggregate, it's just a mess and time consuming searching for what i really want to check.

I really need this!!


@Outsystems, could you merge this idea with this one:


They seems duplicated.

Still can't believe that the platform has grown and improved so much in so many ways and we still have to search for a specific field in the middle of other 60 attributes and on top of that pay attention cause it might be collapsed...

UP this is needed OS !!!

Very good idea, specially the colors for entities.

There is a workaround for finding an attribute with ease, use the Hide Others context menu from any attribute then from the data tab drag the attributes you want to see in the preview.

UP this is needed OS !!!