Make container names for dragged entity attributes in a form more informative

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Here is the default construction of a web screen when dragging Entity Attributes onto a form. Here you can see that it would be a lot better if we knew the form field inside the container. Here, rather than calling it simply Container, it could be called Department_Level_Container or whatever naming convention you like. This will expedite ajax refreshes for form fields that change depending on another form field value, rearranging fields with drag/drop, etc. Right now, I can't tell which Container has the field I want to move. I have to click into all of them to see which one is the right one. With the new names, I'd know right away.

Created on 28 Nov 2018
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Hi PJ M,

That's actually a pretty nice suggestion there, and it makes perfect sense. We'll add this to our backlog. Let me get back to you when we have more info to share about this subject.

Thanks for the idea.

Ricardo Alves