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I'm using the Outsystems v11 and we are having some issues with the date picker widget:

1- Does not allow null dates.

2- Format date doesn't work

3- Does not allow time selection.

We want to stop using rich widgets but the date picker does not meet our needs.

So what I am proposing is that you either change the date picker or create a Date Time Picker so we can "kill" the calendar widget.

Created on 29 Nov 2018
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About the Format Date, this doesn't only work on v11 but also doesn't work on v10 (it's very limited, and doesn't accept most of the usual DateFormat formats).

I'm currently having issues with this widget too, being looking at the JS.

Improving this widget would be something worthwhile.

Hey Margarida!

First of all, thank you so much for the feedback and the idea! I'd just like to try and drill down more on the points that you've given us to see what is the path that we can take going forward :)

1. Doesn't allow null dates

Do you mean when the screen is first refreshed so it allows for the input to be empty or to be able to erase the content in the input completely after going back and forth on it? Because if it is the first case, there is already an extended format that allows you to do that: "{  beginEmpty: true }". As for the latter use case, it already works that way with no issues.

2. Format date doesn't work

Can you explain what sort of use case you'd like to do? What sort of formats and how you expected it to work? We currently have events (onclose/onselect) that read from whatever date format that you have chose and give you it back to you with the date type. A bit more information would either allow us to be able to explain if there's already an solution for it or, for us, to understand where exactly we need to improve on and not repeat in the future!

3. Does not allow time selection.

The datepicker was designed to not have a time selection. We are currently working on a time picker which will be a sibling for the date picker (as you'd find in google calendar when you create a new event). Can you explain me the use case? Or it comes down to the use of variables of type date time?

We are currently working on the documentation for this pattern, so sorry for not having it out yet.

Hope to hear from you soon, 

and once again thanks!