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It would be handy to have a Back button (and a Forwards) button so you could instantly jump to the Screen you were previously working on.  Currently if you go to a Web Block for example from a Screen or Widget tree, you can't then use the Breadcrumbs to jump back to the Screen you were just working on and have to re-browse to it.

Created on 5 Dec 2018
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I just wonder, why already existing back and forward triangle buttons in top left of service studio won't work for you in this case? How you proposal differs from current functionality of those buttons?

Oh for goodness sake, how daft - I hadn't even seen those!!!  Feeling very silly right now <blush>.  I'll delete this if I can and thank you!

Can't see a way to delete it, oh well.

Also in my defence, as well as being new to Outsystems, I had expected the back/forward buttons to be around the right hand pane, which seems the most sensible place for them to be.  (Please no one say anything to oppose that, I'm using that as my defence so don't blow my cover!) ;)

Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

Out of the scope

Hey Sienna,

As refered this is already implemented.