Display property on rows and cells

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It would be nice to have that property in cells and rows of a table. (conditional)

Current workaround is to add an extended style property with
if( condition, "display:none; ....

Created on 5 Dec 2018
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Hi Niels,

Yup, that seems like a very reasonable idea. I'll mark it as under our radar. We'll look into it. I'll get back to you when we have more news about it.

Keep the ideas coming,

Ricardo Alves

Hi again Niels :)

After re-reading your idea, I didn't quite understand why you need this feature applied to a cell. In rows I can clearly understand the value, but I'm not being able to come up with a good use case that justifies the cell based approach. Can you shed some light on this please?


Ricardo Alves

Sorry for the late answer.

You can use display:none; on cells (header and the row) to hide a column based on a role for example.

Sometimes i get the question if a column can be shown only if the logged in user has a specific role. And that's the reason why i use display none on a cell extended properties. (header row and normal row)

Obviously, it would be better to directly do this for a column, but i thought that would be more complex to do :)

Niels F.