Warn when installing from Service Studio forge in PRODUCTION environment

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Not right now

Inspired by this idea, Service Studio should warn when installing an application from Service Studio forge in PRODUCTION environment, because it could override an existing application.

Created on 5 Dec 2018
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Hey Huarlem,

Out of curiosity: was there any situation where you actually installed an app on production by mistake or is this a generic worry?

I'm saying this because although I saw several users doing publishes in different servers by mistake, installing an app is less often and usually a task where you put more thinking on.


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Not right now

Hey Huarlem,

Although this idea makes sense, this is scenarios is kind of rare and, when installing a forge component doesn't happen everyday and usually requires more attention from the developer (it might have dependencies that might impact  your factory).

Because of this, we don't have plans to do this in the short-term but we will keep the idea to be re-considered in the future.

Thanks for your feedback!