Navigating to Location of Warning/"Find Occurrences of" for Aggregates

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When I have a warning about an unused Aggregate, I double click it and the Aggregate opens up, but I have no idea where this Aggregate lies.

  • It would be amazing if Service Studio opened the action/preparation where the Aggregate is located. Every time I have to go and find it.

On a related note, when I do CTRL+R to find occurrences of, and an Aggregate appears in the "occurrences in eSpace" tab, it shows me the location of the Aggregate. But when I double click the aggregate, it doesn't take me to the location of that Aggregate. Eg. if the Aggregate is in a preparation of a screen, I would expect Service Studio to open that screen's preparation. This way I'm in the context of the Aggregate and I can further investigate.

This seems to happen for Aggregates. Double clicking an expression will open that expression's screen, so I can see the context of that expression.

Thanks so much!

Created on 5 Dec 2018
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