'Force' mobile application always open in chrome (or safari) when having another default browser



I just like to work in FireFox, it's been my default browser for ages and with this I'm just a stubborn person. The problem is when I work with a mobile application it always opens in the default browser, so in my case FF, but then (off-course) I get the notification my browser isn't supported:
Now I'll need to copy the url, open chrome and open the page there.

On the mobile phone (also FF default browser off-course) with installing an app version it's even worse (well this also depends on the QR-code app). When scanning the QR code it open the link in FF which shows it needs chrome or safari but the URL is already changed (this URL can be copied with better QR-code scanner app) so can't copy it to chrome.

So the idea:

It would be nice if mobile applications are 'forced' to open in Chrome or Safari even if these browsers aren't the default browser. It could give errors when you don't have that browser, but then you also can't do something with mobile (right). Would be nice if it's a setting in SS where you can select the browser which needs to be used to open mobile applications.

Created on 6 Dec 2018
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