Description Field to IF UI element


To help documentation/explanation to our projects it would be great have a description field on IF UI element, do explain by text the use of each branch.

It is faster understand with some dev comment than understand the condition (other dev code, big teams, etc)

Created on 6 Dec 2018
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Hey Rafael,

Just so that I can better understand, what would you use this description for? What types of things would you right and for what?

By the way, is this a IF widget specific use case or do you actually need this generically for all widgets?


Let's me try to explain:
- On Actions we add Notes and Label (not object name) to help us to look and understand at glance, without needed to look inside the condition (of course not all developers do some effort to keep the code clean and understandable)

- On frontend I miss something to help me put some notes/info. I know we have notes on Frontend too, but is not the same

- I just would like to have the field "Description", or "Label" on If Widget too AND on each branch too (True and False branch could have some input field to descriprion or label on properties panel)

It's more like dev docs, for instance: 

If Widget "Check Variable and Conditions X, Y, Z"

True Branch "Show Form do fullfill"

False Branch "Show Empty Message"