Way to view MABS Logs in SC



Can be able to view the logs of Mobile Apps Build Service (MABS).

Today we needed to open a support case for a problem when trying generate iOS App and error occurs but don't way to find more info about the problem (generation log don't display detailed infos).

Created on 7 Dec 2018
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Absolutely, there needs to be a lot more details provided for mobile application builds. I've lost count of the number of support cases we have had to raise because of mobile build errors particularly when plugins are used. On average it takes several weeks to get these issues sorted out through support.

I don't know if you knew this already, but there are mobile app build logs available in Service Center. Did you need extra detail to be able to solve your issues?

Hi Pedro.

The info I've mentioned don't present at mobile app build logs.

Likewise, the info in the build logs has only given a small amount of help and is of almost no help when the issue involves a plugin

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