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From what I understood, the submit feedback option in service studio is very important, principally to submit feedback on errors that users get on their daily work, because me/they are the main testers of this product.

From my perspective this option is very ignored by users and one of the causes it's because it's kind of hidden, the other one it's because there's no visibility for the user that helps with the feedback given. That's  where I come with an idea. What If there would be a way to submit feedback on errors, like already is for submitting Ideas? Giving visibility to the users, and "rewards" for helping errors being corrected.

If there would be way to submit error feedback like there is for ideas, where users create a error feedback, with the resources they have from what they found, with other users that found the same error contributing with feedback and all of them gaining visibility when the error is corrected (bunch of new badges could also be created with this new feature).

I think something new like this would improve much more the feedback that you already receive from the option that exists at the moment. 

Created on 8 Dec 2018
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On way that you can do this is by using the OnException event to redirecting your exceptions to an error feedback page. That way if an exception occurs the user can fill in more details and you also have the exception message which you can record against the feedback. You can then redirect the user either back to the same page or another page when they are finished.

Hello John,

My Idea is about errors and bugs that happen on the platform while "users" like me are developing 

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Hey Diogo,

Believe me when I say that your feedback is not ignored and we are constantly reading suggestions and fixing bugs that are reported. 

Regarding getting responses about your feedback, with the dimension we have it is not feasible to keep answering all the feedback from all the users (we are talking about thousands of users and suggestions).

Nevertheless, I love your idea on rewarding developers that give their feedback (and report bugs!!). I'll keep it on our radar.

Finally, we will try to add something to our submit feedback page that allows you to say that "you want/allow to be contacted regarding that issue" so that we can talk to you to ask for more feedback or notifying you that you suggestion/bug was fixed.

Thanks for your feedback

By the way, with GDPR is kind of challenging using your personal reports and suggestions even to reward you.