IDE merge improvements


Well, I was searching through ideas to check if there were any similar to this, but I found none. If I miss anything, feel free to merge it, please.

To the idea itself, I was merging two different versions and for instance, in the preparation, there was a new action which was conflicting with a change in a SQL query. I was thinking that would be awesome allow the developer to mark which action/SQL query/Aggregate to merge from side to other, almost like the new CSS merge.

Once this could be hard, would be nice, meanwhile to allow the developer to merge a screen part by part instead of being required to merge everything at once.

This is important because sometimes, as a developer when I have multiple merge conflicts in an eSpace is really hard to merge everything manually and not lose track of everything.

Created on 10 Dec 2018
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There is an existing, similar idea out there, I commented on it ages ago. It's really, really hard to do, even harder to get to be safe for a "merge and publish" scenario. If it was a pure insert between two nodes, or removal from the middle of a straight line, great... otherwise... yikes. Anything around branching, conditions, etc. would put the system in a bad spot.