[Wisdom] Add a DisLike to an idea

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Not right now

Not only make it possible to Like but also to Dislike an idea ...

Or thumbs-up / thumbs-down

Created on 6 Jan 2011
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Why is not pressing the "like" button not sufficient?

At this moment I can only tell i like the idea.
Not voting does not imply I dont like the idea

Got the picture ?

I wish I could dislike this, it is such a bad idea...

Just kidding, of course. I definitely see the need for this too. Some of the stuff I see on WotC would make it a worse experience, usually by over complicating the UI. If I wanted to write code in Microsoft Word or Emacs, I would, if you know what I mean...

I am a little bit strugling with this idea. It has probably to do with the word "Dislike". The same principle can be seen by a site as youtube. There the dislike count is also shown in red. Personaly, I find it a little bit too agressive. However I see also the benefit of it...

My proposal is not to have 2 counters but 1 counter "Liked" (as it is) and 2 buttons: Like and Unlike. With the Unlike button you can once decrement the Liked counter. It is a little bit more friendlier and serves the general idea of influencing the place of the idea in the overall list : )
I would rather have a rating 1-5 to vote instead of just "like"
Yes, definitely a rating instead of "dislike"
Ok for rating, but at least give us the ability to score negative points
So -5 to +5

Still Like - Unlike is the simplest solution
I have the feeling that the like/dislike idea is based on the assumption that Outsystems uses this as a leading factor to decide what will be implemented in a next version. 
I can't imagine (and would be very disapointed) this to be true.  
An idea is not good because it has a lot of likes and an idea is not bad because it has very few likes.
Using a rating just adds an extra layer of information which is imho unnecessary.
Bottomline: the like number tells something about how the community thinks about it. Not how 'like'ly it is to see it implemented in new releases.
Changed the status to
Not right now

Hi Joop,

The digital team is not planning on delivering this in the near future. We'd like to invest in creating the concept of voting the good ideas, instead of dislike. Because of this, I’m marking this idea as “not right now”.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for your idea, and keep it coming. 


Having an opposite idea largely dug achieves this... :-)

isn't this some overkill?

Bad ideas (undugged ones) are now the ones with no diggings.
About the overkill.

Undugged Ideas are either Idea's that are 'unchecked and unrated' or 'checked and unrated'

From that point of view the rating is missing out on important information.

An alternative would ofcourse be to check how many views an idea has and divide the amount of diggs by the amount of views to get a percentage 'digged'
with that I agree.

I think people alreay don't look at the first idea's anymore.

you're alternative is gonne be a tricky one but I like that idea!
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I rather not have a dislike (not sure if I wanted it in the beginning)

This should be a constructive place where ideas no matter how silly can evolve into something interesting.
An idea doesn't have to suit your needs with this kind of product.

(I know I have been negative on certain ideas, but hindsight I should be more neutral :) )
Ofcourse you could challenge the idea, because you don't understand why people would even suggest that idea.

Let me explain that with a very black-whitish example.
"Support the Oracle Database"
Now, if the people who dislike the idea are in favour of MS-SQL  and people who like the idea are in favour of Oracle.

For the product it could benefit in total if they support Oracle.
But for the people who favour MS-SQL they could not care less. They do not benefit from that idea.
And if they are in the majority the whole idea is disliked, what then?

(and your idea I don't dislike, I merely not liking it, small but important difference)
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