[Wisdom] Add a DisLike to an idea

By Joop Stringer on 6 Jan 2011
Not only make it possible to Like but also to Dislike an idea ...
Or thumbs-up / thumbs-down
J.7 Jan 2011
Why is not pressing the "like" button not sufficient?

Joop Stringer7 Jan 2011

At this moment I can only tell i like the idea.
Not voting does not imply I dont like the idea

Got the picture ?

Justin James9 Jan 2011
I wish I could dislike this, it is such a bad idea...

Just kidding, of course. I definitely see the need for this too. Some of the stuff I see on WotC would make it a worse experience, usually by over complicating the UI. If I wanted to write code in Microsoft Word or Emacs, I would, if you know what I mean...

Hans Bruins13 Jan 2011
I am a little bit strugling with this idea. It has probably to do with the word "Dislike". The same principle can be seen by a site as youtube. There the dislike count is also shown in red. Personaly, I find it a little bit too agressive. However I see also the benefit of it...

My proposal is not to have 2 counters but 1 counter "Liked" (as it is) and 2 buttons: Like and Unlike. With the Unlike button you can once decrement the Liked counter. It is a little bit more friendlier and serves the general idea of influencing the place of the idea in the overall list : )
Rebecca Hall13 Jan 2011
I would rather have a rating 1-5 to vote instead of just "like"
Miguel João15 Jan 2011
Yes, definitely a rating instead of "dislike"
Joop Stringer15 Jan 2011
Ok for rating, but at least give us the ability to score negative points
So -5 to +5

Still Like - Unlike is the simplest solution
Hans Bruins18 Jan 2011
I have the feeling that the like/dislike idea is based on the assumption that Outsystems uses this as a leading factor to decide what will be implemented in a next version. 
I can't imagine (and would be very disapointed) this to be true.  
An idea is not good because it has a lot of likes and an idea is not bad because it has very few likes.
Using a rating just adds an extra layer of information which is imho unnecessary.
Bottomline: the like number tells something about how the community thinks about it. Not how 'like'ly it is to see it implemented in new releases.