Create Structure based on variable type (right click)

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Be usefull a way to convert a variable to structure .
This would save time when developing.

Created on 13 Dec 2018
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In a project here (when started) an SA was created with an input parm (list of record) defining it in a peculiar way (double click and pointing each one of the attributes). This same SA is called in several points and in all of them the variables that receive the return of it were defined as well.

So, if you need to do maintenance (addition, removal, update, ...) you have to change at all these points.

My idea would allow me to create a struc from one of the variables (minimally the one that is correct) and then set the type of this var to the struc. This would point out the inconsistencies in the other references, if the same adjustment and "voila" would do: future maintenance is much simpler!

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Hey Maycon,

Can you please elaborate and detail a bit what is your scenario and how you would achieve this?

Hi Vasco.

At 13 Dec I've put more details.

Otherwise, follow...

Suppose a scenario with a server action where one of its input/output parameters is a composite variable typed as list record or record. Like this:

=> The same idea applies to variable!

And you need to add an attribute in it but it is used at various points in the system where each of these points has a variable typed in the same way to receive the return of this SA. It is neither correct nor good practice, but it was done so.

Impact: Big/Complex.

Then... converting this output to a struct with right-click allow to change type of all the others variable refs to this new struc.

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Hey Maycon,

Didn't see the comment on Dec 13th.

I understand your scenario and I'll mark add idea to our radar. I'll just tweak the title to be better found and voted!