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As many of us know, there are many colleagues who, to earn points, spend all our time in our forum giving nonsensical answers to the doubts that are presented.

If we see some questions, there are answers that add nothing to the doubt... like going to google, put there the doubt title, and the first link that appears make copy past here, and this all just to gain ranking points. This kind of answers creates spam in our community.

He suggested that a new points metric be implemented, where only the answers marked as solution would be collected.

This forum is precious, and unfortunately there are some colleagues who trivialize their usefulness just to earn points, with comments that add nothing to anyone.


Created on 13 Dec 2018
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Hi Nuno,

I know where are you going and I'm also concern on having a clean forum and currently we have a lot of answers that don't bring value to the discussion. But the true is that many questions that are asked on the forum wouldn't be done if people search for it before posting. Because they were already answered on another post or the first result on google is really the solution.



Hi, I think it might be solved by adding a dislike button to the posts/replies. That way a person who cares about points will think and double check before asking/replying.  

Hi Roman,

You already have a dislike button. And that decreases your likes. And likes count for earning points

Agree that there needs to be some cleanup and having 5 people post exactly the same answer worded slightly differently in a question after there has been a perfectly good answer is annoying. However I think giving a second perfectly valid answer or even expanding on a correct answer with more details is very helpful to the community and it would be a mistake to discourage it or we could end up with just one answer and no second opinions. 

Also there are a lot of forum posts where the OP doesn't actually mark the answer as correct. I think getting some points for active posting is ok, more for a like and even more for a correct answer. Combine that with the dislike if it gives minus points and I think we should start to weed out the annoying me too posts that have no additional content. 

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Hi Nuno

Unfornalty you are correct, and there are answers that are not helpful. As some members suggested, I recommend disliking the posts/replies, that will decrease the community points. That way a person who cares about points will think and double check before asking/replying.