Allow templating for other elements (e.g. Entities, Actions, Structures ...)

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It would be great if the templating functionality could be extended so that it works with more than just espaces. For example being able to set a template for the entity creation could pre create certain fields and pre create the crud operations with appropriate common logic allowing us to then just add the missing details. 

Creating templates for things such as creating structures, entities, screens, webblocks, rest producers, actions etc would significantly improve development speed and consistency in large projects that have multiple developers. Would also allow us to use our tier 1 devs to build a lot of the templates and framework and less experienced devs then to put together the details whilst knowing they are following the base standards by default.

A good example is that we build detailed versioning into every one of our entities. Another would be to include preset exception handlers in actions and so on.

Created on 17 Dec 2018
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There are a zillion Ideas around the CRUD wrappers, but the rest I think are new (and good ideas!).


Yeah I just used the CRUD part as an example of where this could be applied because it has come up a few times but there are a lot of other places that the extended templating would be very useful. 

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On our radar

Hey John,

Thanks for your idea!

Since there are other ideas for CRUD accelerators/customizations I'll keep this idea focused on having templates for other elements like actions and entities, ok?


No problem, as I said above that was just used as an example of one of the places that extending the template could be used.