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When working on a large project it is common to do fairly much the same deployment each sprint into our QA environments. It would be great if we could setup the deployment in lifetime, give it a name and save for future deployments. We can sort of do this at the moment but you can only have one saved plus it saves the current versions of everything so if espaces are updated in the source environment you don't get those updates when you finally go back in and deploy the saved plan. It will still need to run all the normal validation checks each time and allow us to add additional applications before hitting the deploy but would at least save time adding all the same common ones each time.

Yes we could do this by creating a solution and deploying via servicecenter but then it is a multi step process and we don't get all the additional reference checks and auto including from the validation step.

Created on 17 Dec 2018
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Hi John,

Thank you for your idea!

We love your idea so we've moved it to "on our radar". We are planning to give the capability to reuse deployment plans, so you can create a deployment plan based on another one. Let me know if this capability fits better or not your purpose. 

Thank you,

Joao Bento

Hello João,

Another purpose is having multiple applications in your environment with different lifecycles (imagine a CoE).

Application A goes to QA every Monday.

Application B goes to QA every Wednesday.

I can't have 2 deployment plans, one for each, one of the applications can't use deployment plans and has to do everything by hand every time.

We had some disussion about this in last meet-up here, where, in bigger environments it would be nice if multiple plans can be created when also making the use with automatic deployments. Now it has to wait till a deployment plan is finished before executing the scheduled deployment plan.

So yeah would indeed be helpfull +1