Restrict Access to "Service Centre" by IP Address

Service Center

A number of pages within Service Centre are accessible to unauthenticated users and reveal information about the OutSystems application, which poses a security risk. Best practice is to disclose as little information as possible to attackers.

The following information was extracted by sending a request to the ‘/ServiceCenter/GeneralReportError.aspx’ page: Service Center Version, InstallerId, License Edition, Windows Version, Serial number, Activation Code, and Application Server:.

In addition to this, the ‘Serial’ parameter could be extracted by sending a SOAP request to the ‘GetPlatformInfo’ method of the ‘/ServiceCenter/OutSystemsPlatform.asmx’ web service.

The ‘HubServerInstallerId’ value was found by sending a SOAP request to the ‘GetPropertiesForHandshake’ method of following web services:

  • /ServiceCenter/Solutions.asmx
  • /ServiceCenter/IntegrationStudio.asmx
  • /ServiceCenter/ServiceStudio.asmx

The ‘GetInstallationKind’ method of the ‘/ServiceCenter/ServiceStudio.asmx’ web service and ‘Capabilities_Get’ of ‘/ServiceCenter/PlatformServices_v8_0_0.asmx’ could also show information about how the application has been set up.

As the ‘/ServiceCenter/LoginIntegratedAuthentication.aspx’ page provides users with an NTLM authentication, the following information could be also extracted from the server: Port, State, Service, Target Name, NetBIOS name, DNS name.

Service Centre should therefore provide a security configuration setting that can whitelist specific IPs allowed to access this module on the platform.

Created on 17 Dec 2018
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Hi Ross,

Does your feedback relate to an OutSystems cloud environment?

Just tested and I get the same thing in the Outsystems cloud environment. A bit concerning that it shows the activation code and serial number to completely unauthorized users.

Hi John and Ross,

I understand your concerns. Actually, OutSystems has a configuration for the platform installation that allows defining an Internal Network, this is a setting that you can also use for your own applications https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Secure_the_Application/Restrict_Access_to_an_Internal_Network

By default, all management consoles are defined as Internal Only and this setting is defined for on-prem installations in the Configuration Tool and for Cloud it needs to be requested to our support https://www.outsystems.com/whats-new/internal-network-officially-available/.


Sounds like the REAL issue is that these pages & services should require authentication in the first place?


Thanks, André. Since we're using the cloud environment, I'll ask Support to create an Internal Network for us, but I support Justin's comment that some of these pages/services should only be available to authenticated users.

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