Following Learning Courses - Dates, Notifications, Importance


Story 1:

As a student, I want to see courses release dates, so that I know since when each course is available (or updated).

Story 2:

As a student, I want to see courses completion dates, so that I remember when I completed a course.

Story 3:

As a student, I want to see courses importance level, so that I can understand if the course is critical/important/basic when using the platform (besides the student level, this one has to do with must have know how).

Story 4:

As a student, I want to receive courses notifications, so that I can be informed by email every time a new course is available.

Notes: When reading these stories, please consider either courses and videos as the object of this subject. The value these stories bring is for students to able following their studies.

Created on 17 Dec 2018
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Great suggestions, Marco.  

For Story 3 and the "importance" of a topic, how should that be determined?  There may be something that is critical to know to use a feature correctly, but that feature is optional and most users never use it.  For example, there are some key concepts in BPT that are critical to understand to use it properly, but some people don't use BPT at all.

Hi Scott, 

Good point. And by comparison, I'll try to give more context about the idea, behind story number 3. For example:

- A critical course would be one teaching how to design a good database model.

- An important course would be one teaching how to optimize logic.

- A basic course would be one teaching how to design better items using CSS

This will always be a relative measurement. Meaning it should be based on priority of building up and having solid application knowledge foundations.

Best regards and thanks for the good courses by the way! :)