Custom Scaffolding and Screen Templates

Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2019

With this new Front End Framework, I see myself asking why is it that we still can't customize the scaffolding that the platform provides?

And now with OS11 , Screen templates where introduced! Is it on the backlog to make these custom? Ie, let the front end develop custom screen templates for the use of the dev team?


Created on 18 Dec 2018
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Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2019

Hi Bernardo,

Not sure I understood your first question. What sort of scaffolding customization are you looking for? Can you give us a few examples?

Regarding your second question, I have good news for you :) We're actually wrapping up the custom templates experience. We're targeting to release it mid January.

Kind regards, and keep the ideas coming,

Ricardo Alves

For example,

when I drag and drop a datatable to my "HomePage" the OS generates a table automatically.

The idea is that, I can customize this table that will be generated by 'OS'. So that whenever I drag and drop a table the 'OS' generates my custom table, not the standard templeite table!

Is that already possible?