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In the screen shot below, I'm trying to quickly see where in the Screen Action/ Server Action the variable named LeadBroker is being used. I'd like to click on the variable name so that it is selected on the right and then each node in the left where the variable is referenced would highlight on the screen so I can quickly see how/why it is used there.

Find Usages here works well, however if there are many usages on the screen, it can be difficult to quickly see all the nodes. 

This feature will save a lot of time when we want to assign another property of a variable or something like that.

Created on 18 Dec 2018
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Not right now

Hey PJ M,

That could indeed be helpful in some scenarios (possibly with a context menu operation rather than always highlighting). Just be aware that in those scenarios where you have a lot of nodes in the Find Usages it will also be confusing and create a lot of visual noise having a looot of nodes highlighted.

Currently we don't have short term plans to tackle this but we will keep the idea to reconsider in the future.

Thanks for your feedback

I was just thinking how helpful this might be. 

Lets say we have a node were we assign some values to  multiple attributes of a structure.

The find usages for this example returns a lot of results. If the nodes were highlighted it would potentially save a lot of time identifying these nodes.

I agree that we don't want to highlight it always, and context menu operation seems like a good option

I think it is a good idea!