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Below, I have found all usages of the LeadBroker variable, however, I cannot see HOW it is used:

If I click on the line, OutSystems will show details of the assign in the right hand pane.  

I would like to see these details in the line where the usage is indicated, so there would be an additional column in the first screenshot above that would have the content of the assignment circled here. The new column could be called "Assignment" Or something like that and the content of the cell for that row would be "GetBrokers.List.Current.DealParty"

This feature will greatly accelerate understanding how a variable is used on a screen or within a module.

Created on 18 Dec 2018
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Not right now

Hey PJ M,

Thanks for your idea, that could accelerate some scenarios.

Currently we don't have plans to do that in the short-term since you already have the workaround of simply double clicking the row to focus on the element.

I'll keep the idea to be re-considered in the future though.


The point of the idea is exactly to eliminate the need to do the "work around." The work around is the problem this idea solves. Double clicking takes the user away from the current screen. It pops up the edit assignment screen. It's super inconvenient and tedious to hunt through all the areas when the search text appears many times in the code.

Hey PJ M,

I understand and agree with your idea.

Just saying that taking into account the value and cost of this feature, we have more important things to do right now and we don't have plans in short term.

The idea still makes sense and will be re-considered in the future.

Thanks a lot for your idea!