Set Modules as "Do not Deploy to QA/PRD"


When we deploy an Application from DEV to QA , it would be nice to be able to "say" that one or several of the modules are never to be deployed to QA/PRD.

Sometimes we have some modules just for testing or for "demo"/"sample" and we never want to send them to QA because it will never get used.

The same when we install some component from the Forge that has a Demo/Sample module but we want to keep it in DEV but not send it to QA/PRD.

For now it's all or nothing in Lifetime.

Created on 19 Dec 2018
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Hi Nelson,

Why would you not opt for refactoring those modules to their own (TEST/Demo) application, if you don't want to deploy them to QA/PROD?

There is no obligation to deploy an application to QA/PROD if you don't need them there, unless your application architecture is bad and have cross application dependencies forcing you to deploy those apps you only want to have in DEV.

So I am not sure what you mean with all or nothing in LifeTime, the minimum deployable unit to LifeTime is an application. And you can decide to deploy or not deploy it to another environment in your infrastructure.