Chat and Notification feature inside Service Studio

Not right now

It would be great to have a inter team/intra team Messaging / Notification functionality inside the service studio (specific to a project being developed or General).This could be used for sending out general notifications to members of the development team of a application/Project or to all developers in general.

The can be controlled/used/monitored by the relevant team leads/Projects leads.The chat can have history maintained for later reference. There are a lot if third party messaging apps but it would be better to have communication relevant to the project as part of the service studio.

Created on 21 Dec 2018
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Not right now

Hey SunilK,

Thanks  a lot for your idea!

Although this completely makes sense, it is a high investment and currently we don't have plans in the short term do this (you can still use external tools like Slack or Skype on the side).

Nevertheless, I'll keep the idea to be consider in the future.

Keep the ideas coming :)