Ability for a admin to lock/unlock a module from being published on Service center

Not right now

Admin should be able to lock chosen modules so developers are unable to make changes or publish.This is useful during code freeze and other scenarios where maintenance is going on. A relevant notification can be displayed to the developer that the module is currently lock and no changes can be made.

Created on 21 Dec 2018
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Hi SunilK!

Thank for sharing your idea.

Using LifeTime and teams' permissions could solve your need. Since an application can be part of a team, you can add those developers, that you want to lock the ability to publish, to that team with "list" permission.

Can you please evaluate this possibility and give us feedback?

Thank you,

João Bento

Changed the status to
Not right now

Hi Sunik,

Although we can reevaluate this in the future, currently, we will not expect to invest in this problem, since we believe there's a capacity in the product to achieve it. Please evaluate that possibility and give us feedback.

Thank you