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In Ideas we give suggestions of what OutSystems should do to the platform. In the Forge developers share components with the community. If I have doubts about a component, I can ask in Support and the topic is associated to the component. If I need more functionalities, I can develop it myself and ask to join the team to share. But sometimes, I don't need something. I just think it will be useful for others.

My idea is that people could have a section to suggest new features to the team, and the team would say "no", "not now", when, or "do you want to do it?". Just like OutSystems does. It can be in Ideas or in Forge.

Some lazy users would use it to ask for everything (like they already do), but this would increase communication among users, help to collect feedback, promote dialog and create better apps.

Created on 23 Dec 2018
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Maybe this can also be used to people to give ideias for some new components. Sometimes people have ideias but don't know how to implement the. Maybe some other developers will be able to help other with that.

I'd say for that you already have the forum. A lot of requests are "has anyone ever integrated with x?". But it can be an option, depending on how it is implemented by OS.

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Not right now

Hi Nuno,

We are not planning on delivering this in the near future. The risk is that the ideas or even the forums purpose get lost with this new concept.

If you need help or have suggestions related to a component, you use the support tab, inside the component, even if it is to give suggestions. If you would like help to develop a specific app, you apply it inside ideas.

On the other hand, this idea hasn't the expected engagement.

Because of this, I’m marking this idea as “not right now”.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for your idea, and keep it coming.