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Currently, when editing Static Entity records, the displayed order of the records is:

1. The Attribute marked as the "Order By" Attribute.

2. The Attribute marked as the "Label" Attribute.

This makes sense in *some* ways, but it actually makes the workflow very painful when trying to re-order the Records, because as you reorder, they jump to places that are not inline with your edit order, and it's hard for you to keep track of which one is the next you need to change. For example, if you have records order 1 - 7, create a new one it is 8, but change the order to 3 and now you need to change the order for all of the others, and depending on how they are named, that can be tough to keep them in the right order unless you follow the very specific workflow of starting with the final record and working your way up.

I propose that the sort order be:

1. The Attribute marked as the "Order By" Attribute.

2. The record's last modified (created on for new records) timestamp.

This change will keep the visual order on the screen in a fashion that lets you see "I just moved this, now I need to move the ones above it".


Created on 23 Dec 2018
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Hey Justin,

In my opinion I don't think that the "order by" in the list really matters and changing it to use the last modified seems more like a workaround rather than a proper solution. Despite this, I totally agree with you that you should be able to quickly reorder your static records without having to change the "Order" field of all the records.

Currently, we are considering this idea (actually submitted by you) and be able do use D&D to reorder the static records. 

Because of this, I'll mark this idea as out of scope.


Ah, yes, that would be even better! Me from 7 years ago was much smarter than me today. :D