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Like we have with other options and most recently with the Queries where we can choose to have or not  the auto-refresh it should be added a Preference for the search.

With the introduction of Outsystems 11 we can now disable some elements and because of that the Search should be improved as well in order that we can choose whether the search applies or not to disabled Elements.

Quick example

I have query 1 and query 2 both with 999 set as Max. Records

Searching for 999 i just wanted to find  1 occurrence (non-disabled elements).

Created on 26 Dec 2018
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Hey Romero,

Although I understand your scenario, we shouldn't keep a lot of disabled code. So rather than easying the search excluding disabled code I think the product should better help you identify and search for disabled elements (for example, this idea) so that you can remove and clean it.

Because of this, we don't have plans to tackle this.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your idea!