How to get the code coverage if we doing Unit Testing in Outsystem


If we are implementing the BDD framework than there some possibility should be there for getting the Code coverage. It will be us analytical report that how much scenario is covered

Created on 28 Dec 2018
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Yes, please implement this! I'm a test consultant at a company where I'm trying to get the outsystems developers to unit test and telling management this is needed. However, without code coverage it loses a lot of power! Branch and statement coverage preferably. They're looking at E2E automation tools to do these analytics, but that would mean more E2E tests and less unit testing. This would be a major improvement!

We are running into the same issue at our company. Unit testing would be more efficient if this was implemented. 

I agree that this should be a top priority for the platform. This will bring new opportunities and we can finally make use of a good Ci/Cd, where unit testing is an important part of it.

BDD does not give insights about coverage of scenarios and more than that, it touches the Automated testing domain, which is good, but still unit testing is not covered. 

Same here! This would be a much needed addition! 

I agree that it can give useful information about the completeness of all tests. Last year I had a discussion about this with one of the solution architects of the Dutch OutSystems organisation and he mentioned that someone at OutSystems made a prototype or POC for this. 

Maybe anyone knows more about that project?

Hi Daniel,

I think you are taking about the BDD framework. That framework will not give complete confidence towards unit testing and code coverage. 

OutSystem recommemded but there is lots of loop whole in BDD framework.

I had a call with OutSystem Devops Product Manager regarding that. He told that team working on that and Q1 priority taks is Unit testing implementation. 

The BDD framework is most of the time too extensive to write quick, short unit tests. We would just like to test a method stand alone, without defining the If, When, Then steps:

Input => Method => Output => Validation

But that is another subject. 

Hi Sachin,

No I was not thinking about BDD. And indeed I known they are working on unit testing (from seeing the ideas that they are working on). I will talk again with the OutSystems solution architect with who I had the conversatio last year, and share more details if he provides them.

Anyhow great there is some focus at OutSystems regarding test automation.



It will be amazing !

This is a very good moment, because all the bigger low code projects with test (automation) know you need unit testing to relieve pressure on the growing regression tests. Because after each sprint this area will grow. 

I looking forward to see more unit testing and easy connections for functional testing in P12.

Inforza is working together with Specialissterren to improve testing the OutSystems applications. 

An other visual environment for the (functional) testing is LeapWork.

Integration in a visual way would be great.

From a testing point of view, risk based testing directs the testing effort to the right place. Analyzing the code from a risk perspective would be very handy but is something for the future.

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