[Service Center] Change the version of an espace included in a solution version

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After creating a version of a solution, I want to be able to change the version of a certain espace associated with that solution version.
Created on 14 Jan 2011
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This scenario is very common in the staging process - you need to prepare a release and promote it to the next environment, but your developers are currently working ahead of you. Or you have tagged a version but meanwhile have fixed something - or rolled back.

Now imagine this scenario with multiple eSpaces being manipulated.

How it is done today, in order to get your version properly tagged, you need to:
  1. Tell everyone to stop publishing the eSpaces you need to tag;
  2. Tag the current development stage - so that you can get back at it after your procedure is complete;
  3. Publish the individual versions, one by one, of the eSpaces and extensions;
  4. Create the version of the solution that you wish to have;
  5. Republish the original solution version.
And if you make a mistake, you will have to do that again...
With LifeTime you Tag and Deploy a tagged version to the next environment.
In the Tagging screen you're able to determine what is the exact version you're staging. You can also create your own custom tag with a particular version of an eSpace that you want to include in that Tag.