Change default line separator of list records to None

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The current default of New Line is rarely correct, since most list records are used to display collections of widgets, instead of a list of text lines.

Having the New Line default appends an extra <br/> on the list contents, which will cause unexpected behaviours. For example, if the list contains inline-block items, they will unexpectedly have a line wrapping between items due to the <br/>. If the list records has a flexbox layout, the extra <br/> element will become a flex item.

In those cases it's difficult to identify what's wrong with the layout, since it's not clear where the <br/> is coming from. And for the rare cases where the <br/> is needed to separate items, its abscence will be easy to spot.

Created on 3 Jan
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On our radar

Hi Leonardo,

That is a simple and neat idea. Putting it on our radar so we can tackle it in a future release.

Tiago Simões