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Hey there,


Since Outsystems 11, the versioning on the release notes web page changed to show the Release number instead of the Version number:

But if we look at the version of our Development Environment, we see the version number:

There is no way to know (at least that I know of) the match between Version and Release numbers other than downloading a Release version, installing and see what is that version belongs.


Show on the Release Notes and Development Environment both Release and Version Numbers

Created on 4 Jan
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Hi Claudio, 

I had a similar thought a few days ago.  The idea is posted here.

I'm ok with having both because that solves the problem, but do we need 2 names/identifiers for the what is essentially that same thing?

I guess my real question is if Release 9 is the latest would the version/download being named...

   11r9 or 11.0.09

...or some obvious like that makes sense?

Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

On our radar

Hi Cláudio,

Thank you for the feedback! It is most appreciated.

You can use the following link to map between the new and old version notations:


That being said, this versioning notation inconsistency is on our radar. I know it is not optimal, but until we have dealt with this topic in the product, do you consider your use-case solved with the above site? If yes I will mark this idea as implemented.

Just enforcing Cláudio Oliveira idea instead of register a new one. It's very fundamental that we know exactly the version we have installed. Release number doesn't show us any ideia of it's realease already was included in our Service Studio version, seen at about screen.

Hi Stoyan,

Thank you for referring the link with the release cycles, this helps, but on my point of view, I don't think this solution can be considered as the idea being implemented.

This means that in the mean time I have to refer to a specific link with the release cycles, but not everyone knows about it.

I have dozens of colleagues on my company which I will have to inform about this link, and there are hundreds of many more around the world using version 11 which don't know about the release cycle link and might have the same problem.

On my perspective, while there is no direct relation between Release and Version directly on the Development Environment or on the Release Notes, I don't think this idea can be considered implemented.

Kind regards,

Cláudio Oliveira