Setting default value by using site property


In Service Studio, it is useful that site property can be used for setting of default value.

Created on 8 Jan
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Hi Takasi,

Thank you for the feedback!

Can you share 1-2 scenarios where you would use such capability?

Hello Stoyan,

Thank you for your response.  I hope below cases are what you want.

  • When consuming REST API which required API Key as input parameter, I want to set its default value as a site property.
  • When my module has public action with a parameter which requires different value between development environment and production environment, setting its default value as a site property is useful.

Hi Takasi,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

The examples made things much clearer. If I understood correctly, your focus is being able to have parameters / configurations used at application runtime that have environment (e.g. DEV and PRD) dependent values.

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Hi Takasi Moriya,

Quite Interesting idea to have :)

My Vote for You...

Like the idea, not sure if site-property is the best mechanism for it.