Batch structure attributes creation when pasting a CSV string

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When pasting a text that contains commas or semi-commas, it would be nice to have all the values created as attributes. It would facilitate a lot the structures creation process.

Created on 8 Jan
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Great João. Another thing that would be good is to be possible to create an structure based on an XML schema, as we already have with JSON.

Unfortunately a lot of our daily routine still based on XML because of legacy systems and other stuffs.

Hey João,

Can you give more detail on your process of creating this structures? Where does this text come from?

Do you have external systems (Excel?) where you can copy that structure as text? Does it come with attribute names and so on?

If you can, please add a gif or screenshot.


William's idea is very good also.

I thought about helping developers to avoid the boring process of creating a list of attributes manually. Imagine you have the list of fields in a documentation, or an XML of a legacy system, or a query you need to consume that was sent by your company's DBA. In all these scenarios you have the fields list, but you need to add them to your structure one by one.

A good example use case is Trello: try to copy a couple lines from a text file and paste them into a new card. Trello will detect the break line symbol and ask you if you want to create one card for each row. That helps a LOT!

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Thanks for the idea!