Do not reload a screen when orientation is changed in the simulator.

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Currently, if I change orientation in the web simulator it redirects me to the default screen. I think it'd be better to have the same behavior as in a device - just stay on the current screen. Every time I want to test the screen in different view modes I need to navigate back to the page I need. Same goes for a device change - I'd be good to stay or navigate back to the original page.  

Created on 9 Jan
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I agree. This should also not JUST be for the orientation change, but the resize as well.

That said, having recently looked at this code, I understand why it works this way, implementing this would be pretty tough (it uses an iframe with a specific size to show the content, surrounded by images to make it look like a device). :(


This is really annoying sometimes.


I fully agree! It`s a really nice idea!

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Hi Roman,

That's a good idea. Although we currently do not have plans to address it in the short term I'll keep it on our radar so we can take a look into it.

Tiago Simões