Folders Inside Web Screens


We can create folders inside session variables so Outsystems must implement to allow user's to create folders for screen local variables.

Please find the following screenshots:


Manthan Shah.

Created on 9 Jan
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Hi Manthan,

In Service Studio 11, you can create folders almost everywhere on the Logic and Data tabs, not just in Session Variables.

Why do you need Screen Local Variables in folders as well? Do you create so many of them per Screen?

Hi Kilian Hekhuis,

As I have many variables on the screen and I have many input box for those variables so it would be nice to have folders so we can categorise the variables according to the input fields as well as different part of the page. Please have a look at the below sample screenshot of some of the variables in the web-screen there are even more because it is a complex application of calculating insurance premium :-


Manthan Shah.

Right, that's indeed a lot of them :).

wouldn't it be possible to organize them in form of a structure ? 

Structure is like a Json Object right ?

I would for sure had organized them in structures, there seems to be a Applicant structure as wel as a Premium structure

Hi Daniël Kuhlmann,

Yes you are right. But for a local variable there must be a folder as there are folders for all other variables i.e. session variables.


Manthan Shah.

There aren't "folders for all other variables". In fact, Session Variables can't have folders either.

Hi Killlan

In Outsystems 11 we can add folders in Session Variables. Please find the screenshot below:


Manthan Shah

You are right, completly missed that, thanks.