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There could be a way to add an "important comment" on the input and output parameters of the logic and add an "important comment" on the logic itself.

For example:

I have a common logic.

In this logic I have two input parameters, one boolean parameter and the other one expects a record.

The boolean parameter is required, but the record parameter is only required if the boolean input value is "False."

If I could somehow add this comment to the programmer who will use my logic, or even for myself not to fall into oblivion, it would be very interesting.

Then, if I heard comment on anything in my logic, and I dragged this logic into a stream.

The logic added to the stream would come with the comments on the side.

And also if possible, leave the parameter (Is Mandatory) of the input parameters editable. To put some condition.

Created on 9 Jan
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Hey Eduardo,

Currently this is done through the Description property, where you should add more details about your API, inputs and outputs and examples on how to call the actions.


Hi Vasco,

Yes, I use this field a lot.
But my idea was that this comment should be added along with logic, when added to the stream.


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Hey Eduardo,

First of all, thanks for your idea!

Since you can already do this through description fields, although it could be improved in the future, we don't have short term plans to tackle this. Nevertheless, I'll keep the idea to be re-considered in the future.