Give the option to disable/enable autocomplete in service studio

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Sometimes it does more harm than good.
I would like the option to disable it.

for example disable:  

- The data type when changing the name of an entity attribute.

- Automatically creating joins in aggregates. It's helpful for small queries but when using the same entity multiple times in the same aggregate, 80% of the time the autocomplete is wrong


Created on 10 Jan
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Hey Niels,

We don't have plans to disable the auto complete inside Service Studio. If it is not helping in some scenarios (as you said, doing more harm than good), this needs to be improved.

There are already 2 ideas to improve both the Aggregate joins (idea here) and the data type guesser based on the variable name (idea1, idea2).

Do you have more scenarios where this happens?


The ideas you mentioned actually covers the whole problem i was mentioning :)


Is there an easier way to find duplicates, besides searching for them?

Hey Niels,

When you are creating an idea you already have similar ideas on the right side:

Other than that, just searching for current ideas :S

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As described before, I'm marking this idea as Out Of Scope since there are other ideas to solve the same problem.