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I would be nice to go one layer deeper in the display of the software unit's in service center. On this way it should be possible to see the software unit's on screenflow level and on action level.

Now there is only a list about what widget uses how much software unit's but I think it would be usefull to see this on a screen/action level. This makes it possible to see where a lot of software unit's are made and you are able to reduce them easiler.

Created on 6 May 2010
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Complementing this, showing the SUs in Service Studio would also be a good thing, so that one can control the limits available.

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I need to be able to drill down on SU usage, on a per Screen Flow, Action, Entity, Screen, and Screen Action basis. This will be a huge help when trying to stay within SUs and I need to know where to look at removing functionality.


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I don't think OutSystems will reveal the SU's on that detailed level. Then we know how to stay between the boundaries ... :-) 
Just kidding. Would be very nice !!

I've heard rumours the standard 60 is going to disappear ... what about those small companies who just want to start using OutSystems ?
cannot make like! Outsystems is blocking likes on this one probably...

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