[ServiceStudio] new Widget Unsorted List

By Joop Stringer on 18 Jan 2011
Would be nice to have a widget to create OL, UL, LI constructions
In most of the solutions OutSystems advices to use the listrecord in combination with expressions.

And when it renders to HTML it creates a SPAN tag around it.
Still would be nice to have an (un)sorted list widget without any SPAN's

I've seen some other topics talking about the same issue, most of the time OutSystems advice is to create an expression ...
Yes, this is mandatory (not a want, but a need to have widget)

It has also been discussed  here

Rebecca Hall24 Jan 2011
The list table widget already does this.  You set the line seperator to "bullets".  It would be nice if you could select ordered or unordered.