When connecting an aggregate to a FOR EACH, set Record List to that aggregate automatically

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In a scenario like this, i've created an aggregate and connect it to a For Each, it has an Error

The fix is to specify the record list, but it's pretty obvious which one it is:

when connecting it, the record list appears above the For Each and when selected the name appears above the For Each:

Please have OS do this for us automatically and get us one step closer to not needing developers anymore.

Created on 11 Jan
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A good idea for an accelerator 

I like this idea and I agree with William ! 

In addition, same applies for any node with a (record)list output parameter, f.e. an ExcelToRecordList node or one of the List Actions (ListDuplicate, ListFilter etc.) that gets connected to a For Each node.

I think it can be misleading in certain cases. What if you have couple aggregates or you just want to loop through something else? However, I think this can be implemented in some other way, for instance, drag-n-dropping forEach block over the aggregate or something similar. 

The way I looked at it, it should be the List node that directly precedes the For Each node. 

But I like Roman Tkachenko's suggestion too.

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Hi PJ M,

Thank you for the idea!

I agree too with Roman, in that sometimes you will want it to be a different aggregate or list in the for each. In that case you can still change it. The key part is that OS does change the label above the FOR EACH to be the name of the aggregate, so you'll know it's attached to that one.  I would suggest if all the aggregates have been attached to a FOR EACH already, then don't automatically attach a new For Each loop to anything.

I don't think it's such a good idea. It's not always the preceding record list you want to iterate through and Service Studio offers perfectly good suggestions when you click on the Record List field. The way it is implemented now, at least you are forced to think about it, which I think is a good thing. Setting the Record List field automatically will only save a few second while increasing the risk of errors.

I also think the idea that you could build good, maintainable software without needing developers is flawed. It is said it takes at least 10.000 hours of experience (about 5 years full-time) to really master a craft. To each their own, I think.